Interesting post Samer Sabri! However, I think that there is no distinction between ‘truth’ and ‘life’. In the context of cultural evolution and an RL agent (analogous to a human brain for me):

‘life’ = making decisions based on available information in response to an environment providing a feedback mechanism.

This doesn’t have to be an individual decision, it also applies to human society as a whole. The analogy is that humanity is a collective organism made up of individual actors (individual humans) with a collective, model-able behavior. The way to change collective human behavior is to engineer the environment to influence decisions. Example: alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The history that survives = the history that we transmit= the history that was successful in engineering the environment. This is why the war on information scares me. I think that the transmission process is governed by the principles of cultural evolution.

‘truth’ = an immutable version of life (i.e. the ‘truth’), where decisions are made independent of the environment

I don’t think the ‘truth’ exists, in practical terms — it is inconsistent with the principles of cultural evolution and therefore, is likely not translatable to machine intelligence.


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